Crane Inspector Training

Crane inspector Training focuses on the critical elements of proper crane set up and safe function relating to the specific tasks of the crane and type of load. The instructor will focus on Hydraulic and mechanical elements of the cranes as well as rigging and load stability. He will deal with concerns relating to the actual work situations, referenced by needs of the trainees.

Each attendee will receive a training manual. The course will cover the do’s and don’ts of crane handling activity, general terminology, review of the relevant articles of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), understanding load movement, center of balance, basic rigging practices and other vital information important to inspectors of cranes. Various rigging methods will be reviewed which will provide a clear understanding of the proper loading techniques. Each day of review will be concluded with the signing of a sign-out sheet by the participants.

Understanding load charts and calculation of crane capacity in various quadrants and loading configurations are key insights for inspectors . The presenter will also review the daily OHSA safety inspection requirements based upon pictures and sketches in a Power Point format. Individuals may be asked to evaluate a specific scene(s) to identify problems and correct improper set ups. They will be asked to identify hazards, reduce risk and manage situations in accordance with proper practices. Sharing of experiences by participants will be helpful in the practical knowledge required by your inspectors in the completion of the review.

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