Height Safety Essentials Training

“Height Safety Essentials” includes hands on fall arrest training and the assessment of all of the risks associated with workers and the tasks required to be performed at an elevation and the best practices associated to be adopted.

The consequences of poor height safety can result in serious injuries, even death. The course examines typical height related accidents and demonstrates preventative measures to be taken all personnel. We cannot discount a fall, even those from a relatively small height, these can have serious implications, aside from the pain and suffering of personal injury, these can result in decreased productivity and increased costs. This program provides the proper resources to help educate and refresh all workers.

The training session will take approximately 3 hours to complete. We cover topics involving decisions made by workers in situations where working at height is required. Discussed are the critical elements that need to be considered and the risk avoidance techniques applicable to each circumstance. We will have a safety harness on hand and will instruct on proper fitting.

The entire course can be completed at your or our facility and includes a written test that must be passed to secure our proficiency certificate.


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