1. Introduction
  2. Employee Health and Safety
  3. Equipment and Material Damage Control
  4. General Rules
  5. Relevant Sections of Regulations for Industrial Establishments
    Made Under The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
  6. Daily Inspections
  7. Pre-Shift Crane Inspection
  8. Maintenance
  9. Qualifications
  10. Procedures for Proper Crane Operation
  11. Critical Application Equipment
  12. Crane Terminology
  13. Types of Cranes
  14. Rigger/Slinger Requirements
  15. Weights of Materials
  16. Chain & Wire Rope Inspections
  17. Chain Certification Requirements
  18. Slings
  19. Resultant Sling angle is a Killer
  20. Plate Clamps and Magnets
  21. Hook Inspections
  22. Standard Hand Signals for Overhead Cranes
  23. Eye Bolts & Hoist Rings

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The course was very informative. It covered everything somebody would need to know if one is to use an overhead crane. The course was also very difficult and you really had to know your stuff. This certificate was achieved with pride, because I know personally how hard it was to pass this course, and honestly that is the way it should be , hoisting loads both heavy and awkward is not a task one should take lightly.

Kudos to Joe and Marie, they have great customer service skills and wish them well with their endeavours.