Portable Elevating Work Platforms

Crane Training Canada has expanded their certification training to include:

Portable Elevating Work Platforms categorized as:

– Self Propelled elevating work platforms

– Self propelled boom supported elevating work platforms

This operator training includes all of the essential information required for workers to comply with provincial and industry safety standards including:

  • ANSI – The American National
    Standards Institute
  • SIA – Scaffold Industry
  • ANSI/SIA – A92.6 Self Propelled Elevating
    Work Platforms
  • CSA – Canadian Standards
  • CSA B354.2 referring to Self Propelled Elevating Work Platforms
  • CSA B354-02 Referring to self propelled Boom Supported Elevating Work
  • CSA B354.1-04 Referring to Portable Elevating Work Platforms

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