Crane Training Canada has successfully trained over 100,000 crane and hoist operators and riggers in every conceivable work situation all across Canada and received many student testimonials and reference letters from employers. We know you are busy and so are pleased to share just a few of them with you below.

Reference Letters – please click on the links below to read.

Re: Train the Trainer
The training we received was a great style of training which led myself to get a more in depth learning experience. Terms were explained in simplicity which made it very easy to understand and to be able to communicate back to our plant later on. The hands on training helped us develop the necessary skills for this training and to be able to help provide others with the same knowledge we have gained.

Naveen Ramkissoon
Maintenance Planner
DCL Corporation

Mentor Dynamics
Mentor Dynamics

Windsor Industrial Services

Aberfoyle Metal Treaters Ltd.

R. Reininger & Son Limited

Lor-Don Limited



I found the training to be useful and to the point. All the aspects of crane operation, safety, inspections, and documentation were fully and understandably covered.

All of the material was clear. The in-course quizzes at the end of each chapter were helpful to ensure the student understood the information provided. The end of course certification exam was comprehensive, easily understood and covered the course material thoroughly, ensuring the student understood all of the material.

The trainers IT department was very helpful when a issue concerning access their website came up.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the on-line course and service, and highly recommend Crane Training Canada and their on-line course.

Kent Wheeler
Supervisor, Applied Dynamics Lab
Department of Civil Engineering
McMaster University
1280 Main St W
Hamilton, Ont

“Your online training was well organized and full of use full information.I have been operating bridge cranes for many years during the course of my occupation and it was nice to find a company such as yours that provides structured formal certification. Your online training saved me the expense of flying out to you place to take this course, I really appreciated that. I will be sure to pass your web site on to others. Thank you”
Crane Training Student