Train the Trainer

Your company could save thousands of dollars each year by having your own on-site trainer for your employees. This course could pay for itself within the first year based on an average of 30 employees or more.

Testimonial for Train the Trainer
The training we received was a great style of training which led myself to get a more in depth learning experience. Terms were explained in simplicity which made it very easy to understand and to be able to communicate back to our plant later on. The hands on training helped us develop the necessary skills for this training and to be able to help provide others with the same knowledge we have gained.

Naveen Ramkissoon
Maintenance Planner
DCL Corporation

Crane Training Canada has provided training internationally since 1997. Our success has been demonstrated to approximately 100,000 crane operators and load handlers in every conceivable industrial application.

Joe Harnest, the head trainer, has 35 years of industrial/crane/hoist/rigging experience having worked in the field and various management positions for 20 years with Demag cranes and 9 years with Munck cranes and several years with various other material handling companies.

Please note: In addition to the information on proper operation and use of accessories the training we provide will emphasize presentation and instruction skills. This course is provided at your facility. Our presentation is interactive, we will prepare your trainer for the questions that may arise and help him to provide a stimulating training program for your trainees.

The length of time for the train the trainer course may vary depending on the particular circumstances but normally consists of two to three days of concentrated one on one instruction with your trainer(s) including presentation skills review, the course preparation and crane, rigging knowledge assessment.

We will be covering all aspects of the training program, including an analysis of the proper load handling procedures as they are to be presented by your trainer. Your presenter will be given instruction on applicable provincial legislation, risk assessment, accepted load handling methods, inspection procedures, hand signals/communication, terminology and use of below the hook devices. Our trainer will review the testing procedure and practical hands on training that completes the training course.

On the third day your trainer will be put into an in-house training scenario. Our trainer will provide assistance and critique. A certificate will be issued by Crane Training Canada stating his documented status as certified trainer.

Our 90 page manuals are a requirement for each trainee. A quantity of 50 manuals will be supplied and additional manuals can be ordered. The testing template is also included.

Crane Training Canada will also include one copy of Crane Training Canada’s general Guideline for the Operation of Overhead Bridge Cranes, in an Industrial Establishment.

Includes certificates and wallet cards for presentation to your operators.

The information contained within our training course is proprietary and may not be reproduced. A license agreement stating the allowable uses of crane training Canada supplied information will be provided for signatures after placement of the order. The agreement will be renewable.


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