Read This Before Taking the Course

Please read all the following information before starting the online course.

  1. It is important that you read our terms and disclaimer at the bottom of the page. If you have questions, please contact our office during business hours at  905-981-1432.
  2. When you arrive on the course page, you must first register and confirm via email.
  3. Please double check to ensure your email address is correct. Once you confirm your registration and login you will then select the online training course. If you do not receive your information,  please check your spam filter or email us with your full name and email address to
  4. Once you have selected and paid for the course, we will manually approve your application before you can proceed to do the course. .
  5. If you are a company with a group of 10 or more employees, please register each employee separately and we will approve them once payment has been arranged or secured.
  6. We recommend you do this online course from a desktop or laptop computer.
  7. You will be sent an ID and Password to access the online Crane Training Course once payment is received.
  8. You will be given 15 days to complete the course and exam. Your test results will be tabulated and you will receive your score and certificate if you have successfully passed the course. If you have not passed the online course, you may have the option of repeating the course at a reduced cost. Please contact us if you do not pass this course.
  9. Your ID and Password will be valid for  15 days after registering for the course. If you were not able to complete in that time period, please send an email to providing an explanation why you need to repeat the course.
  10. You cannot retake the test at the end the end of each section. Once each question is answered, your score for that question is recorded. If you are not sure about the correct answers, review the material in that chapter before taking the test.
  11. You may leave the course at any time before completing it. When you return you simply log in and return to the course.
  12. Once you have completed the course and exit to proceed to the exam, you will no longer be able to return to the course for reference. Please ensure you understand the material you have covered before exiting the course.
  13. Once you have completed the online course and begin the exam, it will be timed and you will have 45 minutes to complete the exam. You cannot leave the exam. 
  14. Print a copy of your course results and your certificate for your professional records.

There is no substitute for experience, having completed this course the operator will have received the necessary instruction and have been made aware of the rules that are applicable to safe operation. The workers that are new, will require additional properly supervised practice under all working conditions that may arise in order to properly imbed the proper reaction in the event of a problem. We recommend that all workers who are not regularly using the equipment be scheduled for practice time on a regular basis.

Please do the online course on either a laptop or desktop computer.

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