Online Training Program for Operators of Overhead Cranes and Hoists

The Online Overhead Crane and Hoist Operator training covers the essential information required for crane and hoist operators, riggers and maintenance personnel with the aim of reducing risks in the operation of lifting equipment.

This is an excellent program for crane operators that need to update their certification.

Crane operators must be able to read and understand written as well as verbal instructions. Depth perception and hand/eye co ordination are key to an operators ability to properly perform the requirements of a load handler or crane operator.

There is no substitute for experience, having completed this course the operator will have received the necessary instruction and have been made aware of the rules that are applicable to safe operation.

The workers that are new, will require additional properly supervised practice under all working conditions that may arise in order to properly imbed the proper reaction in the event of a problem. We recommend that all workers who are not regularly using the equipment be scheduled for practice time on a regular basis.

Please note that the online course must be done on either a laptop or desktop computer.

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What you need to know before starting the course

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The course was very informative. It covered everything somebody would need to know if one is to use an overhead crane. The course was also very difficult and you really had to know your stuff. This certificate was achieved with pride, because I know personally how hard it was to pass this course, and honestly that is the way it should be , hoisting loads both heavy and awkward is not a task one should take lightly.

Kudos to Joe and Marie, they have great customer service skills and wish them well with their endeavours.


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