As a very small business owner I would have to say throughout this pandemic journey that we did cut some corners here and there, stayed at home like good little soldiers. Managed to make it through pretty good. The Covid rules have relaxed, it kind of feels like it’s sort of over, but not really. We now we can go to more places but we have to wear masks, keep distancing between people and avoid crowds.

Ok, so back to business, I talked to a few customers, some say hey I’m glad you called, we need you, but we’ve suffered through the pandemic and so now we’ve have to cut some corners. What can you do for us? Indeed what can we do? Others have said that they are now forced to review their processes to determine if there are savings to be had, certain items will be put on the back burner.

So are you getting the picture I’m painting?

It’s definitely not over. It is time for businesses to become adaptive and ratchet up the creativity and do it now.

Be alert and stay safe
Joe Harnest
Crane Training Canada Inc