This image copyright Crane Training Canada. Duplication prohibited“Why should I train our crane operators? They already have years of experience.”

That is a question that people frequently ask me.

The obvious reason for training crane operators is to prevent death or injury to operators and damage to the load, building or equipment. Training allows operators to reduce the hazards that bad habits and/or a lack of knowledge create. Because we are dealing with loads that are lifted into the air, the risk for serious injury or worse, are very high. Every crane operator must be confident in his or her knowledge of accepted procedures and correct lifting practices.

He or she should have a thorough understanding of such areas as timely equipment inspections, recognition of a load and it’s influence on everything between the ground to the top of the lifting apparatus. This knowledge mus include proper rigging of loads, awareness of all the component limitations and maintaining control of the load at all times.

Crane operators should be trained to recognize hazardous situations, so that they can avoid them before they lead to a calamity. Training establishes a procedure that enables operators to stabilize the situation.

Proper training will prevent disaster and save lives but it will also increase the efficiency of workers operating hoists and cranes. This lowers the cost of production, making you more competitive. A quality safety course will reduce injuries, which in turn reduces worker compensation claims, and therefore lowers overall insurance costs.

In the event of an accident resulting from a safety violation, the Ministry of Labour can fine the operator for as much as $25,000 and or imprison him or her for a term of up to twelve months. Corporations can be fined $500,000 per offense and judges can hand down jail time for supervisory and executive personnel, depending on the circumstances.

Statistics show that proper training does make a difference. In addition to preventing damage and injury, correct usage of equipment means less repairs, early identification of possible problems, which lower maintenance costs.

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