Test Your Expertise!

In the image below there are a number of things that are not correct.  A trained crane operator should be able to see a minimum of 12 items. Some of the items are more difficult to spot, others are conspicuous by their absents (such as sling protection from sharp corners) still others are evident but overlooked because of a lack of knowledge.
Fill out the form below and list your answers as to how many items you see! We will send you an email response with the grading for this quiz.


Test Your Expertise

At Crane Training Canada we endeavor to fill the gaps, we can definitely help to increase your crane operator risk awareness and therefore improve your chances of survival on a day to day basis. This is not an unjustifiable boast, It is a testament to twenty years of successful training backed by 40 years of practical involvement in a successful and safe career in the business of crane and hoist operation and load handling.
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